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We sell Herbalxpress brand of Beauty & Personal Care Products. Our site enables people in Uganda and other East African countries to shop for high quality beauty and personal care products manufactrured in Canada, USA and the UK. Our beauty and personal care products includes products as diverse as; beard care, lip balm, body lotion, facial care treatments, moisturizers, shaving forms  and cream, tattoo products, varicose veins care, etc.


The consumers select whatever item(s) they want, and buy it instantly online pay for the item in local currency. At Ruizmart, we are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs & Nutritional Supplements. 

Beard Care  

Beard Balm - Amber Sandalwood Scent

 Beard Balm - Amber Sandalwood   

Beard Balm - Bamboo & Teak Scent

 Beard Balm - Bamboo & Teak  

Beard Balm - Cedarwood Scent

 Beard Balm - Cedarwood   

Beard Balm - Classic Barbershop Scent

 Beard Balm - Classic Barbershop  

Beard Balm - Cognac & Cubans Scent

 Beard Balm - Cognac & Cubans   

Beard Balm - Orange Cedar Scent

 Beard Balm - Orange Cedar  

Beard Balm - Sandalwood Bourbon Scent

 Beard Balm - Sandalwood Bourbon  

Beard Balm -  Tobacco & Vanilla Scent

 Beard Balm - Tobacco & Vanilla   

Beard Oil- Bay Rum Scent

 Beard Oil - Bay Rum  

Beard Oil - Cedarwood Scent

 Beard Oil - Cedarwood Scent  

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Beard Oil - Citrus Musk Scent

 Beard Oil - Citrus Musk Scent  

Beard Oil - Coconut Scent

 Beard Oil - Coconut Scent  

Beard Oil - Orange Cedar Scent

 Beard Oil - Orange Cedar Scent   

Beard Wash - Foaming

 Beard Wash - Foaming 

Beard Pre-Shave - Oil

 Beard Pre-shave - Oil  

Body Care  

Anti-Wrinkles Collagen - Day & Night Cream

 Anti-Wrinkles - Day & Night Cream 

Breast Enlargement Cream

  Breast Firming Cream  

Ultimate Buttocks Enlargement Gel

  Buttocks Enlargement Cream  

Slimmer Complex Cream

 Slimming Cream  

Tattoo Aftercare Balm

  Tattoo Aftercare Balm   

Varicare Varicose Veins Cream

 Varicose Veins Cream  

Hair Care  

Hair Oil - Calming

 Hair Oil - Calming  

Hair Oil - Tea Tree Mint

 Hair Oil - Tea Tree Mint   

Hair Oil - Unscented

 Hair Oil - Unscented