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  • Prevents hair loss

  • Work on the inside of the scalp

  • Regenerate weak follicles

  • Regrowth hair and strengthen the hair

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  • Supports health hair growth

  • Supports strong hair

  • Improves hair health — including shine, volume, and scalp coverage in women who experience thinning hair.

Dextrose - Unflavoured Powder 500g - For  Boost of Energy
Created: 2022-12-12 / Modified: 2023-02-27

Dextrose - Unflavoured Powder 500g - For Boost of Energy

Dietary Supplement, Sports Nutrition
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Daily Nutrition Dextrose Powder is easy for the body to break down for energy. A key source of energy for your body.


Brand: Daily Nutrition

Manufacturer: Daily Nutrition

Distributors: Daily Nutrition

Country of origin: UK

Item form: Powder

Legal category: Food Supplement

Flavour: Unflavoured

Size: 500g

Shipping: Free (see details)

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About this supplement 


  • A key source of energy for your body
  • Supporting your training and recovery post workout,
  • Very easy to digest,
  • Known also as glucose or corn sugar,
  • Commonly used to provide a quick boost of energy,
  • Popularly used by athletes for instant energy.
  • Ideal for both before and after working out to power your session as well as refuel afterwards.
  • Support the recovery of normal muscle function after intense exercise —
  • Helping your body to recover post-workout.



Dextrose is easy for the body to break down for energy. Because of this, dextrose powder is available and sometimes used as a nutritional supplement by bodybuilders who are looking to increase weight and muscle.


When to take dextrose powder?

Dextrose is a great post-workout supplement. Suggested use is about is to add it to your shake, 1.5 -2 times the grams of protein. If your post workout whey protein is 20 grams, you would need about 35-40 grams of dextrose.


Does dextrose give you energy?

Dextrose is a starch-based sugar and is made from refined corn, rice, or wheat. Dextrose is added to many foods, especially processed foods, to improve their taste. Dextrose is also used by athletes for instant energy, and in healthcare settings to raise blood sugar and provide emergency hydration and energy.



We recommend adding 2 scoops (50g) to 150-250ml of water or juice within 4 hours of exercise for the best results, but our 100% Dextrose Glucose Carbs is also great for a boost of carbohydrates whenever you need it.



Unflavoured: Dextrose (glucose) Powder 100%.





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