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We sell Herbalxpress, and Daily Nutrition brand of Sports Nutrition. Our site enables people in Uganda and other East African countries to shop for high quality sports nutrition manufactrured in USA and the UK. The consumers select whatever item(s) they want, and buy it instantly online pay for the item in local currency. At Ruizmart, we are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs & Nutritional Supplements. 

BCAA - Berry Burst Powder 500g

 BCAA - Berry Burst Powder  

BCAA -  Blue Raspberry Powder 500g

 BCAA - Blue Raspberry Powder  

BCAA - Cola Powder 500g

 BCAA - Cola Powder  

BCAA - Peach Mango Powder 500g

 BCAA - Peach Mango Powder  

BCAA -  Strawberry Lime Powder 500g

 BCAA - Strawberry Lime Powder  

BCAA -  Tropical Powder 500g

 BCAA - Tropical Powder  

BCAA - Unflavoured Powder 500g

BCAA - Unflavoured Powder  

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BCAA -  Watermelon Powder 500g

 BCAA - Watermelon Powder  

Creatine - Unflavoured  Powder 500g

 Creatine - Unflavoured Powder  

Daily Oats - Chocolate 500g

 Daily Oats - Chocolate Powder  

Daily Oats - Unflavoured 500g

 Daily Oats- Unflavoured Powder  

Daily Oats - Vanilla 500g

 Daily Oats - Vanilla Powder  

Dextrose - Unflavoured Powder 500g

 Dextrose - Unflavoured Powder  

L-Glutamine - Unflavoured Powder 500g

 L-Glutamine - Unflavoured Powder  

Energy Booster - Unflavoured Powder 500g

 Energy Booster - Plain Powder  

Hyperbolic Muscle Mass Gainer - Chocolate 500g

Muscle Mass Gainer - Chocolate Powder  

Hyperbolic Muscle Mass Gainer - Strawberry 500g

 Muscle Mass Gainer - Strawberry Powder  

Hyperbolic Muscle Mass Gainer Gainer - Vanilla 500g

 Muscle Mass Gainer - Vanilla Powder  

Weight Gainer - Chocolate Powder 500g

 Weight Gainer - Chocolate Powder  

Weight Gainer - Strawberry Powder 500g

 Weight Gainer - Strawberry Powder  

Weight Gainer - Unflavoured Powder 500g

 Weight Gainer - Unflavoured Powder  

Weight Gainer - Vanilla Powder 500g

 Weight Gainer - Vanilla Powder  

Weight Loss - Salted Caramel Powder 500g

Weight Loss - Salted Caramel Powder  

Weight Loss -  Strawberry Powder 500g

 Weight Loss - Strawberry Powder  

Weight Loss - Vanilla Powder 500g

 Weight Loss - Vanilla Powder  

Whey Protein - Chocolate Powder 500g

 Whey Protein - Chocolate Powder  

Whey Protein - Strawberry Powder 500g

  Whey Protein - Strawberry Powder   

Whey Protein - Unflavoured Powder 500g

 Whey Protein - Unflavoured Powder  

Whey Protein - Vanilla Powder 500g

 Whey Protein - Vanilla Powder  

Advanced Anti-Aging Beauty Formula

 Advanced Anti-Aging Beauty Powder